The project involved a roof covering over an open plaza fronting the Bukit Timah Community Centre. It is to accommodate outdoor events and activities whilst providing weather protection, allowing for natural lighting and natural ventilation. It is also to be environmentally sustainable with green features. In addition to these basic requirements, the roof is highly visible as a significant element of the building frontage traversing the public domain.

The urban design consideration is three-fold, it is at once a building forecourt, urban square and function venue. In this respect, the architecture of the roof is considered in various ways – as urban sculpture enriching users and the public view, as a green element harnessing natural energy, as an element defining public space adjacent to the community club, and also as an icon for the aspirations of the community club and its members.

Most significantly, the roof element is not considered as a static shelter but instead conceived imaginatively as a landmark for outdoor community programmes, making public participation visible in the suburban context. The façade and roof enable natural cooling, daylighting, and transforms into a lighting device and lantern in the night.