Design Research Team - Dr. Joseph Lim with NUS M.Arch 2017 Christopher Wijatno, Davis Wong, Sakinah Halim, Bek Tai Keng, Chen Qisen, Wang Yigeng and Roy Tay

An ongoing exhibition held at University Town Plaza

With the competitive prices of shale oil, off-shore drilling operations were reduced sufficiently to warrant the feasibility studies of repurposing vast members of decommissioned oil rigs still in good condition.

The explorations are of future settlements with minimal environmental impact and are cross-border strategies for future conditions and scenarios.

The commercial propositions are viable alternatives to a future of land based megacities and land reclamation options. The accommodation of increased populations in the next three decades requires us to consider the harnessing of natural forces in both nearshore and offshore locations for energy, water and food production to facilitate the consumption and production of goods and services, recreation without compromising ecological balance.

floating settlements
Credits: Wang Yigeng