Featured in Futuropolis, a TV documentary by Channel News Asia, Singapore [Design Research Team - Dr. Joseph Lim with NUS M.Arch 2016 Kew Xun Long, Clifford Au, Verna Ho, Jessica Tan and Joanne Gay]

Tuas megaport terminal will be upscaled to 13.25 square kilometres of yard area in 2027. However, in 2065, Singapore’s geographic advantage as a major transhipment hub could be severely diminished with new shipping routes arising from geopolitical and climate change.

With portyard plans from Maritime Port Authority (MPA), TuasCity 2050 anticipates this scenario in order to re-think port infrastructure for future transition into a fully integrated self-sustaining coastal township in the industrial region of Singapore.

A 200-metre wide spine containing vital commercial, transportation and service infrastructure is elevated above the port, priming the land for transition into a liveable waterfront community.

In response to rising sea levels, land scarcity, and sand embargos imposed on Singapore, a proposal for current usage and future conversion of the port is made. Prefabricated floating residential ‘islands’ dock along the spine via elevated transport and service networks are conceived in phases to diversify connections between residential, work and recreational spaces, and improved green plot ratio in a traditionally hardscaped mega-yard.

[Video] TuasCity 2050 is featured at 26:30 – 33:00 in CNA Documentary, Futuropolis: Keeping Afloat

the megaport
Credits: Kew Xun Long, Clifford Au, Verna Ho, Jessica Tan and Joanne Gay